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August 04, 2008


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David Brent Johnson

Marc, congratulations on all of the fantastic work that you've done over the past year. You've really set a new standard for blogging about the classic jazz era...looking forward to the expansion of JW and many more years to come.

Han Schulte

Dear Marc,

In your field your blog is the most interesting. Why? Because you combine facts and emotions spiced up with a good jazz theory knowleddge. Also you are not to lazy to interview the still living greats - who are often overlooked - and give practical information (where to find what). It makes one jealous.
Han Schulte


Hi Marc!

Congratulations on JazzWax's 1st anniversary/birthday!

I've learned a lot in the few weeks that I have been reading it. You have made the experience both accessible and most enjoyable.

I have read/studied a number of jazz blogs during the past couple of months. I want you to know that JazzWax quickly became one of my favorites. Your personality and the love that you have for the music is apparent to all of us (people that actually comment and lurkers).

You are an inspiration! :D

Much respect...


Greg Lee

"Props" to you M., I have truly enjoyed your adventure and I look forward to clicking on your link when I need a little break at work -- it is always engaging to read your essays and I love the links on where to find what you're discussing. I'm looking forward to your second year with real delight.
bright moments,
Greg Lee

Alan Kurtz

Marc: A hearty (and heartfelt) Happy Birthday to you and JazzWax. As you so eloquently say, "The gift jazz legends have given us is enormous; in addition to producing timeless art that stirs our moods, jazz motivates us to take creative risks and respect beauty, no matter what we do." That's exactly what drives my own writing and editing. Of course, writers can't for a moment rival either the creativity of jazz musicians or the enduring beauty of their art. But by celebrating their achievements in our own humble way, we writers are at least saying thanks for the gift that jazz artists have given us. (And talk about the gift that keeps on giving!) To that end, long may the JazzWax tree house thrive. If sheer excellence in every aspect is still enough to attract visitors, you may have to add some new wings to accommodate us all.

Alan Kurtz
Contributing Editor

Ian Carey

Congratulations and keep it up, Marc!

Ivan Santiago

Congratulations on the blog's first anniversary, Marc! Superior writing, fantastic interviews and eye-catching artwork has made it a place to visit with regularity.

Looking forward to what the second year will bring,

Michael Steinman

Happy Birthday! (or is it Anniversary?) to someone who thinks deeply, writes incisively, and asks the right questions. Wishing you many more happy blog-years, Marc !

Cheers, Michael

John Herr

I subscribe & get your daily updates as email in my online Inbox. Unfortunately, the illustrations don't come along with the text, so I have to log onto your site to view them. This is only a minor annoyance, but is there a way to add the illustrations to the emails?

Jan Derrer

Happy birthday JazzWax! Thank you for giving us so many great interviews and well researched background stories.

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