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November 02, 2008


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I have only heard of Pannonica de Koenigswarter in passing. I was aware that Charlie Parker died at her home and I thought Thelonius Monk had written a song for her but I had no idea she was Jazz-noteworthy. I will be looking for this book by her granddaughter, the pics you have in this article are intriguing as well.


Masterpiece of 50's: It seems the September issue of the Jazz magazine JAZZIZ started a "50's" trend. I am of course speaking of the Nov issue of that Audio/Visual magazine Sound & Vision. This use to be an Audiophile magazine but its now kind of mainstream. Anyway, they've have a top 50 albums of all times listing and I was shocked to see what was there and what was not there. For 1 thing there were no jazz albums named on the list, proper. There is however a jazz only list and in top place, quite gratuitously is Kind of Blue. I thought this fact vindicated many of the things you discussed in your Jazziz article about that album.
Anyway they listed mainly rock and pop albums. Now I know this is a Jazz forum but i am interested in your comments on this and whether or not you read the article.
For example I was surprised Louis Armstrong was not mentioned. After all he was also an early Pop artist. In fact Louie was one of the first American pop artist to sell over 1,000,000 records and that was before there were 1,000,000 phonographs in America! No small task.
I have decided to list some of my favorite albums and artists and invite a similar Top- Whatever- type of discussion. I am really interested in why people pick the records they do. So here is my quick short list of favs (on vinyl of course):
Kind of Blue (for all of the reasons I have mentioned in the past).
Time Out Dave Brubeck (Can you believe this was nowhere on the S&V listing!
Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington (How can these men not be listed on any kind of Meaningful musical commentary from the 20th century?).
Ray Charles an man and his soul. (2 record gatefold set with liner notes and story pics)
Whats Going on, Marvin Gaye (this is by far the coolest record cover e-v-e-r. Yes even cooler then that Blue Note cover, any Blue Note cover. (marvin Gaye also went against the system in making this social commentary tour de fource,
Stevie Wonder, The Original Musiquarium 1(this is kind of a greatest hits for stevie).
Let it be, The Beatles.
High Fidelity, the B-52's (Ah RockLobster? Hel'lo).
Earth Crisis, Steel Pulse (social commentary reggae stylee). Also the greatest reggae album ever.
Michael Jackson history.
Now I know that most of these are not Jazz but all of these albums are consequential in some way. I have many more artists and albums in mind but I would love to hear from you and your other readers. Most of the albums on the S&V list I did not agree with however in some cases they did agree with me! I will expand on this list with more jazz later, Thanx!

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