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February 12, 2009


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Good job, Marc. I've had to help a number of people that got in trouble with their growing iTunes or Windows Media Player setups. It's really unfortunate that it takes so much tech knowledge to make iTunes or Windows Media Player behave in the non-default way.

I encourage you to think about writing an article on how to protect your music collection from computer or hard disk failure. I've heard too many tales of woe from folks who lost their hard drive collections. I know it would take me months to rip my CDs again, I would never rip my vinyl again, and I don't know how I would get my Amazon MP3 downloads back.

One of these days it might be easy to manage a big music collection. Until then, we just have to thank heaven we don't have to use physical media anymore. And thanks to folks like you who blog jazz, we can listen to a lot more wonderful music than we ever could before.

Gavin MacLud

'Poddites of the world, unite! Down with the digital decimation of our lives! Preserve what little remains of our rapidly decreasing attention span. Stop reducing the determined artistic context of CD cuts to random chaos--entropy disguised as evolving technology. Take the pledge to save your analog soul (and free up needed computer space): "I do not Tune."

Red Colm O'Sullivan

Aw Gawd - I'm going thru' exactly this at the moment (except I'm P.C. - Windows Media Player) and I've bought my 1st ever external hard drive, and now just realised it's far more complicated than I thought it was going to be and, indeed, am totally lost. Lost, I say. I have such treasures here, and, at present, they're just out of reach (apparently, I'm told, they're on my F drive, even if they're no longer showing up on my Windows Media Player - and, indeed, this is quite right, and not the disaster I thought it seemed to be. Just means I have more work to do to retrieve it all... I think, though, I'm going to take a rest from all this worry for a while, and just put it out of my mind... and THEN look for help. Aw Gawd).

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