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December 02, 2009


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Jason Crane

If my rusty Japanese is of any use at all, this is roughly what the hosts are saying:

(Before the performance) They've never played together. Ever. Louis Armstrong is 59 and Dizzy is 40. They both play trumpet. And here they are.

(After the performance) It's not Dixie, it's not bebop. It's jazz. They both have such a sense of humor. The music is "juicy." Fantastic, isn't it?

John P. Cooper

"....but not before Calloway was accidentally cut on his leg by Gillespie's knife."

How did Calloway get "accidentally" cut by Dizzy's knife?

John P. Cooper

I just saw 12 ANGRY MEN again the other day and saw how a switchblade knife is used. It's got a weighted handle, so unless the knife that cut Cab was defying the laws of gravity, it would have fallen with the handle downward and not cut anyone. I think we have some Jazz fallacy that needs to be cleared up.

I never heard of anyone being cut by a "falling knife".

And as Cab Calloway, in a later movie in which he played a physician in a Harlem hospital, sardonically stated to a gunshot victim who claimed to have been cleaning his gun : "Yes, we get a lot gun cleaners here on Saturday nights".

Dizzy was a hot head.

And now - back to Armstrong!

Jazz Lunatique

Hmm, marijuana and depressed sperm count. Kind of like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker and...not sure about that one.


Viva Cab Calloway! Have you checked out the full Cab Calloway discography at http://www.fuhshnizzle.com/pedia/artists/Cab-Calloway.html

It's got every Cab Calloway release with lyrics, YouTube videos and last.fm wikis! Keep on rockin' in the free world Cab Calloway fans!

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