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December 01, 2009


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Ed Leimbacher

I get Pops for Xmas, just as the publisher intended, and this multi-part interview helps to alleviate the wait. Thanks!

One observation, maybe: Mr. Teachout, your mentor I think you called him, writes with catholic breadth and some disdain on many subjects; one senses that he does not suffer fools gladly. (Smalltown America could never have held him for long.)

The author seems as complicated and confident as Satch, but not likely to be known so fondly and familiarly. (I mean in his public persona only.) Remembering his admiration for Stark/Westlake's Parker character, one might say he comes across as a tough-guy intellectual. In the post-Existential, post-Modern world, it seems culture critics are made of sterner stuff than the Seldes/Crowthers of the past.

John P. Cooper

Just got my Louis Mosaic set today,so out with all the old Decca LPs, save one.

The power of Armstrong - Decca LP entitled SWING THAT MUSIC - pink cover - Louis is playing "It's Wonderful". As he goes for the high note in the solo, the entire left channel on the track blows out! And not just the track - the entire remainder of the LP. Boom! That side has only a functioning right channel. You can see the groove on the LP is a different color from that note onward.



I remember seeing an interview with Arvell Shaw, stating that the whole feud between Pops and the beboppers was fabricated for the press!

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