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February 08, 2010


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david amram

Dear Marc:

Your Oscar Peterson entry of Feb 8th is a wonderful article as always

In an age of Disinformation....Misinformation and......NO INFORMATION your entire site is a breath of fresh air AND a great recourse for all of us who love the music.

So many of the people you have interviewed and written about I have known and often played with for 50 years.

Still, when I read what you have written, I find out invaluable info that I was NEVER aware of.

Like Robin D. G. Kelly's magnificent new BIO of Monk, you also take the time to do painstaking research in order to GET IT RIGHT and present the music and those who create it in an objective and intelligent way that is a pleasure to read and makes you feel you are right in the room with the people you are writing about, rather than the cliche Death-Dope-Despair-Depressing-Doom approach which is what Hollywood know-nothings have done for decades to reduce the amazing history of this music, and misinform people about this music and those who create it.

Your whole series of interviews opens up the door to share with your readers the essentials of what this music accomplishes....the glory of overcoming impossible odds to create music of enduring beauty and standards of excellence, always changing and unpredictable, which is what jazz is all about.

So keep on keepin' on.

We need it and your writings are appreciated by young kids looking for something of LASTING VALUE to check out and inspire them to excel, and by near Octogenarian senior-boppers like myself who would like to have society at large have the chance to tune in to a broader understanding of a true CLASSIC ART FORM where everyone involved GOES FOR THE GOLD...NOT THE GELT!!

At Wolf Trap at 4 am when sitting in a room with J. J. Johnson and Dizzy after 12 hours of rehearsals and performances for Dizzy's 70th birthday party, Dizzy said..."As long as there is one man left on earth who can really sing the blues...Jazz will NEVER DIE!!"

Lie the woks of Shakespeare, Bach and Rembrandt, the art and artists of jazz stay forever young and supremely hip.

And as the bulging landfills which for our beautiful country's landscape with overflowing trash, jazz is not created to be a flavor of the month junk culture rip-off to empty the wallets of young people by selling them what the manufactures now is worthless.

Jazz is a blessing and a treasure AND IT IS HERE TO STAY!!!

So write on, write on!!!

NOW'S the time!!

David Amram
Graduate Student of JazzWax 101
Marc Meyers College of Music Knowledge
University of Hangoutology
USA and beyond

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