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April 20, 2010


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Michael Steinman

A very fine and enticing list! But some of those "old things" might draw a listener in, too. Depends on where the listener is "coming from," musically. Someone who likes to dance might be able to "hear" Sid Catlett's STEAK FACE, or someone open to emotion might get Billie's I'LL BE SEEING YOU immediately, or someone who liked to groove might have no problem with Big Joe Turner and Willie "the Lion" Smith. Anything is possible, Marc! (Now and again . . . . )

John Salmon

Where's the Cecil Taylor? Albert Ayler? Anthony Braxton?

T. Nicholson

Shhhh!! Don't want to scare the newbie listener away with those cats. You want to, like, surreptitiously download "Unit Structures" onto their iPod, or something.

bach 9lt

The most telling feature of this list is the massive seven year spread. Something I talk about in hushed voice with my friends. And I agree with the unspoken point here!

John P. Cooper

If the new listener cant follow the 'complexities' of the piano or organ, he's done for. Plus, 3 tenormen and 2 trumpeters.

Not very diverse.

Don't write off the 'old stuff'. Due to exposure in old movies on TV, many people know the sound of 30s and 40s Jazz.

Always tough to do a list.

Rab Hines

Ahhhh ... you are a brave man to offer a list. Invariably someone will spend more time asking about what you didn't include - ("no Mingus" etc)- than what you did.

This list is a pretty creditable effort, though.


Eli Johnson

What you have done is outstanding its to much for words to say all that I can say is what you have done and still doing is great.

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