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June 03, 2010


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wen mew

i met jackie kelso recently; he can play!

Doug Zielke

The clip is "clipped" from the film by Thomas Reichman: Mingus 1968. Every Mingus fan *must* have this, and now, finally available on DVD. I think the venue is "Lennie's On The Turnpike"; in itself a legend. Every jazz great played there.

Jon Foley

Yes, it was filmed at Lennie's in November, 1966; I was there that day, sitting about 10 feet in front of Mingus.
You get to hear two people who didn't usually play with Mingus: tenor saxophonist John Gilmore and pianist Walter Bishop, Jr.
There were many more hours of great music filmed by Tom Reichman; why hasn't this ever been released?

don frese

Almost as amazing as the music, is the dogged detective work of Robert Sunenblick to find these recordings, many of which were unknown to the discographies, or which were incorrectly notated in the discographies. Recorded for small businesses and distributed to only a few stores in the major metropolitan areas of the west coast, they were extremely difficult to find. It was a project that defeated Martin Williams at the Smithsonian 25 years earlier.

Rab Hines

This was recommended to me about a month ago by one of the contributors of the originals, and I've listened to it almost every day since.

The presentation and music is just a gem of it's kind, and is a great example of what fan-driven collectors are capable of - no large corporation was involved, and the package is as good as any I've ever encountered.

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