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July 16, 2010


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Bruce Armstrong

Mark, I really enjoyed the Paul Bacon interview. It was a nice change of pace to have an in-depth dialogue with a "behind-the scenes" guy. Despite Steve's comment, I always thought that the "STEVEIRENEO" title was a clever idea. I had the LP but it disappeared from my collection years ago. I am a big fan of Irene Kral and always was looking for a reissue. And that brings me to my question: Does anyone know if it ever was reissued on CD?

Michael Steinman

Paul BAcon is both gifted and modest . . . too modest to mention his third or fourth career. He is a fine winsome jazz singer in the Astaire-Red McKenzie mold and a delightful player of that most homespun of instruments, the comb and tissue paper (it sounds like a kazoo). Paul has made a few CDs, which are fine examples of late-twentieth-century sweetly Hot music, and I saw him a few times at the now-vanished Cajun in New York City, and he swung mightily, except when he was putting over a love song. I knew something of his other careers, but your readers should know about this one! Thanks, Marc, for a wonderful interview. As always, no surprise in that!


Are you still in touch with Paul? Would you be able to give him my email address? I used to be his daughter-in-law.

Jeff Bradshaw

Is Paul still alive? We were family friends in the early 60's. I just uncovered a photo of myself with their son, Preston.


Beautiful interview..thanks 4 bringing added depth to what the average collector may have known about Bacon. Those Monk covers-and my favorite Bill Evans cover-now seem to 'sing' a lot more.

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