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August 03, 2010


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wen mew


Jeff Rzepiela

Congratulations, Marc! This blog is a fantastic resource. I'm not sure how much money you've cost me recommending so many great recordings, but it has definitely been worth it! Keep up the great work.

Jeff Helgesen

Happy birthday, JazzWax!

Mel House

Congratulations, Marc...and a big Happy Birthday to JazzWax! May it ever continue!

Mel House

Denis Ouellet

Happy Birthday to this great blog.
Always a welcome read.
Long life to JazzWax

Marco Romano


Han Schulte

By far the best jazzblog in the (internet)house. Keep on writing, Marc!
Han Schulte

Bruce Stevens

Congrats Marc! Every morning I always look forward to a fun and informative read! Keep it coming!



I greatly enjoy reading your ne plus ultra jazz blog. I read it daily at lunch. Looking forward to many new articles and interviews in the future!


Rab Hines

Congratulations and thank you again, Marc. In three years you've turned your bet into an internet jazz institution. And, as well noted above, into a resource. I am continually impressed with your accomplishment.


Happy birthday to you and congratulations to ... us! Thanks for all that good work.

Andrew Gilbert

Mazel tov Marc! You've created an invaluable jazz resource. I check your site regularly and I'm often fascinated by your observations and interviews (the recent conversation with Gary Burton was another winner). I hope you have the time and resources to continue feeding the insatiable content beast.

Ed Leimbacher

Well, gee, bud, Happy 3rd. You survived the terrible twos and left that toddler stage long ago. Now JazzWax keeps growing taller and smarter. No wonder we fans feel like proud parents, since we invest time in you daily and have come to rely on your intelligence and journalistic hustle and your Internet connections... Congrats, the training wheels are off.

Steve Provizer

Admirable effort, my friend.

Agustín Pérez

Congratulations, Marc! 3 years and many more to come, I hope!

Sarah Razvi

Mr Brett Primack asks: "Is Jazz Dead?". Like he, not that long ago you found a marvellous platform in bringing your work to the masses and found how it took off with a phenomenal following. Your access to interviewees, records and archives gives us a colourful and fascinating insight into the lives, poignant moments and thoughts of the people in the list to the right. How could we not be interested and dedicated readers? You've done a wonderful thing for jazz listeners who would otherwise not know all this that you write and rely on our imagination. Actually our interviews do stimulate the imagination. Glad to be part of your readership, Mr Myers.

Greg Lee

Put another candle on your birthday cake... since I can't sing the song on this post, I attach the following, from my favorite TV cartoon show as a kiddie growing up in Southern California:


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