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November 08, 2010


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John P. Cooper

The red box of Audiotape boasts "splice free". Did they really sell tape with splices in it to the public at that time?


Interesting observation, John. I also notice that the reel pictured on the front of the box lacks a leader strip.

John P. Cooper

Hi David-

I bought reel tape blanks back in the '60s and I remember the "splice free" boast on some tape boxes.

Maybe some cheapo companies were selling used tape?

I remember leaderless tape. Also the choice between acetate and mylar.

I also remember "stereo tape"! Oh, boy! Special tape for stereo recording. Hope it was "splice free".

btw - The article on Phil Ramone is very good, Will read the next installment now.


I suppose they would have had to splice on the leader. Type of plastic isn't specified, but at least it's not paper. In the cassette era I remember seeing labels like "for professional use only" and "for live or digital recording."

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