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December 17, 2010


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That book, "Central Avenue Sounds: Jazz in Los Angeles", is a great collection of interviews with musicians who were around in the early days of "west coast jazz." In addition to the better known bands and recordings we learn about Lloyd Reece, who taught Mingus, Collete, and others, all night jam sessions at fried chicken joints, a tenor player name Bumps Myers who seems to have been involved in just about every happening scene, etc.

Rab Hines

Ditto on the excellence of the 'Central Avenue Sounds' book, and the entire project of Isola, Collette, Bryant et al. As most of your readers will know, there was a CD set collection that was released at the same time.

Less well known, but worth picking up if you come across it, is 'Buddy Collette - A Jazz Audio Biography'; a 2 CD set of Mr Collette reminiscing.

Thanks for keeping the memory of this fine man active, Marc.

Ed Leimbacher

Collette was a major figure and a fascinating man; wish I could've gotten to know him, gotten chums enough to call him, legitimately, "my Buddy." Symphonic music? Covered. Swinging flute Jazz? No worries. Deliver in the studios? Of course. Mix with the white folks and come out ahead? All right, can do... That was Buddy. He could, and did, accomplish smoothly in L.A.'s closed circles what Mingus could only froth at--recognition, acceptance, integration, parity. He's a hero still not acknowledged nearly enough, one of the true Centrals of that crucial Avenue.

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