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January 23, 2011


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Michael Steinman

The Brits are on to a good idea -- especially in our world so shaped by haste and encapsulization and short attention-spans. Music in Tweets! Since the A&R types no longer exist, some jazz musicians have taken on that role themselves. One is guitarist / singer Marty Grosz, who programs his CDs as mini-concerts. And it's not just a matter of starting and ending with rousing fast tunes: he considers seriously the shape of the whole experience, so that the listener doesn't go from one minor-key slow tune in Bb to another just like it. I wish other improvisers would follow his lead when putting together CDs and consider the shape of the total experience as well as individual performances.

John P. Cooper

Here Come the British with a Bang Bang sensibility!


John P. Cooper

I have never understood the POV or mentality of the 'music fan' who said they were only buying the album for one song. Never Jazz fans, just pop of the day fans. Did it mean that every other song on the album was a dud and just filler or were there tastes so limited to 'hits only' that everything else the 'artist' had put on the album had no appeal to them?

I don't want CDs to go away. I like having a collection. If all your music is simply electrical impulses in a gadget, what do you really have? And God spare us the day that the "Waveries" reach earth.

John P. Cooper

And speaking of Jazz record producers, Ethel Gabriel, producer of many pop and big band reissues for RCA also produced their series of Living String albums. But - there was also a series called "Living Jazz". I never heard any of these, but was anyone of note on those sessions?


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