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February 27, 2011


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O'Sullivan, Red

That the Jazz masters never got to Shearing in time is very, particularly regrettable I feel - WHAT AN OMISSION... oh well... But I'm particularly glad Barron, Hutcherson and Walton are so honoured.
(How, though, exactly, did they never get to Shearing?)

Ron Weinstock

Shearing is not the only one. Jason and Delfrayeo Marsalis are Jazz Masters but they never got to the late Fred Anderson who was alive when this year's nominations were made nor to the still vibrant Von Freeman.

Keith Hedger

Ahh...Lenny Dee. Where I grew up in Florida, Lenny had a restaurant/club out on Treasure Island where he performed nightly called 'Lenny Dee's Den'. Us local kids never really understood his wider experience and reputation until we started collecting records...


Bill Kirchner

The obvious candidate to run a Jazz Hall of Fame would be the embryonic National Jazz Museum in Harlem. But right now the NJMH is struggling to raise money to afford their own building. (Their current headquarters is a small office on 126th St.) Things are tough all over.

Doug Zielke

Good on ya, Marc, for the nod to I've been tuning it in for months now, ever since Sirius-XM has diluted their so-called "Real Jazz" channel with more and more not so real jazz. Accujazz is a great service and a boon for fans of the music. I hope they keep up the good work.

Ed Leimbacher

Cogent thinking and wry remarks, the hallmark of a Myers editorial. Why are the Arts alway a target, while Math and Science get the nervous reactions and money thrown at them again and again? How many schools are being forced to abandon or have already ended their puny attempts to include Music and Art in the curriculum?

For sweet Orpheus' sake, bring the soldiers home, close some of our policing-the-world bases overseas, cut Defense spending (which, many claim, now equates with all the rest of the world COMBINED) to a reasonable number--and bring back stringent-but-fair taxes on corporations and America's wealthy freeloaders--and all our financial woes would be solved. Money for jobs, money for health care, money to rebuild America's infrastructure, money and soldiers to protect the ports and borders, money for fair wages and decent collective bargaining, even money for teachers and Education, not only the Sciences but the ARTS too! ... Our nation rescued from the brink; 'tis a prospect devoutly to be wished.

Meanwhile--O Irony, thy name is Government--the USPS is about to release a fizzy and colorful stamp celebrating... yes... Jazz. (Maybe digital stamps required for e-mails and text messages could help close the economic holes?)

Jery Rowan


Seems the art director forgot to airbrush out the ropes pulling the skiff. Otherwise, why have a motor mounted on it to give the impression that's what's powering it?

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