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April 29, 2011


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Doug Ramsey

During the three years I lived in Mill Valley, I thought that sometime I would run into Grace Slick at the Mill Valley Market or the post office but never did. Drat

Ed Leimbacher

Interesting piece. Hard to imagine all those exchanges represent what you left OUT of WSJ but, then Grace, always was a little too Slick for me. (My fantasy meet was Emmylou.) Miles, Gil, and a white rabbit? Hmm... What would just tall Alice say?

I was at both Monterey and Altamont. At the former, all things seemed possible and exciting. At the latter--and I was right up front dodging pool cues and raging Angels and overdrugged, stupified fans--it seemed that everything had turned, as Keith might have put it, to shite. Two fast years of peace and love, not to mention sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll, and the new era of possibilities was already ending.


"ambulance-siren voice" - what a great description!
We can be grateful that White House Security was on their toes at Tricia's wedding. Still, it would have been interesting to observe what effect the interaction of LSD, dilantin, and paranoia had on the tricky one. It's not hard to imagine foreign dignitaries, or political rivals, approaching the president and turning into monsters.

Jery Rowan

"...Included in their book of songs was Grace's White Rabbit (inspired by Miles Davis and Gil Evans' Sketches of Spain)..."

Yeah, right, inspired by Sketches of Spain. It's amazing what delusional stuff one can come up with when tripping on acid. It would be more believable if she had said the inspiration for White Rabbit came from a copy of Playboy magazine.

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