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May 08, 2011


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Dave James

FWIW, I think it's a mistake to apologize for any aspect of what you're doing, It's your blog and you can write about whatever you choose. The world is full of genre purists. The fact that these folks tie themselves to one specific type of music is their problem, not yours. It is, and always has been, a matter of personal choice. The only limitation music places on anyone is the limitation one chooses place upon oneself. I say full speed ahead big fella...do it your way and don't sweat for a second what a handful of bluenoses might think. You shouldn't have to explain yourself to anyone.

Jason Crane

Re: the manifesto. That's exactly how I run The Jazz Session, too. I interview the artists I like.

Re: Tristano, I saw the band Endangered Blood last week. Chris Speed introduced a song this way: "We're going to do a mash-up of Lennie Tristano and Uri Caine, which are mash-ups of Charlie Parker and Bach."


I liked the quotes from you in both the Sonny Rollins and George Wein articles!

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