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July 24, 2011


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Charles Birkett

Geez, those Capitol Vaults sets are straight-up Mosaic and Mosaic Select boxes, most of them still in print at the house of Cuscuna and co. Guess it was too much to ask to hold off until the licences elapsed. Another nail in the coffin.

Rab Hines

When I heard about Amy Winehouse - a real talent - I thought to myself that there was really nothing to say; but somehow you said it.

What a pity.

Yet it makes you value the real accomplishment of those who struggled with these and similar issues yet came out of it alive and still contributing.

But still, what a pity.


All the Capitol vaults are indeed Mosaic Select or full Mosaic sets, but I believe only the Hutcherson (Select), Mobley (full) and Hackett (full) are currently available. It does interest me that iTunes has these all at different prices (presumably because they have widely differing numbers of tracks - though that isn't always iTunes pricing model) while Mosaic charges $44 for every Select 3-cd no matter how many tracks. It is also interesting that these are called Capitol vault when very few of the tracks were originally on Capitol.

Ron Weinstock

Surprised you have nothing on Lil Greenwood who passed away last Tuesday. She was a jazz and blues singer who recorded rhythm and blues and then spent several years singing with Duke Ellington. I saw her at the Ponderosa Stomp in New Orleans a couple years ago and her vocals were a highlight. There are several nice videos on youtube of her and I have an obit on my blog from last week.

Bruno Leicht

R.I.P. Amy Winehouse. -- Amy was one of those candles, burning from each end. What a waste of talent, what a sad loss to modern soul (jazz).

Jery Rowan

Amy Winehouse. Such a rotten tragedy...

One of the very few bright lights in a forest of Lady Gag Gags, JNozes and Trailer Swifts has been snuffed out. How telling in this new millennium of Avril Lavigne mediocrity.

And what’s with the 27 Club, anyway? Jimi Hendrix... Janis Joplin... Jim Morrison... Curt Cobain... and now Amy? Why are so many greats just dying to get in? If anyone figures it out, let me know.

In the meantime. Such a rotten tragedy...

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