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August 03, 2011


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Jeff Rzepiela

Congratulations! This is one of my first stops every morning. Best wishes for many more years!

Bruno Leicht

Congrats, Marc!

Let's open a bottle of sparkling something (your choice).

Keep swinging!

Best wishes,


RE: Maynard's "Four" from 1962? Fantastic chart by ???, and ... also my year ;)


Happy Birthday and many happy returns!

All the best,


Han Schulte

Congratulations, Marc.
Jazz Wax finds readers all around the world!
Most interesting jazz blog 4 years long.
Han Schulte

mel house

Congratulations, Marc!

Keep 'em coming!


Bruce Stevens

Congratulations, Marc!
Keep them coming! I always look forward to reading this daily!

Kent England

I've been reading JazzWax for at least three of those years and your blog is consistently the best of all the Jazz blogs about recorded music. I like the occasional forays into other music, although I can't understand why you like Steely Dan. It is always fun to read what you write.

Jeff Sultanof

Dear Marc,

Like you, I've been writing about many different art forms for several years. Several years ago, I was asked to write just such a blog as this one. Due to a lot of issues at the time, I couldn't do it. Your blog has turned out to be exactly the kind of blog I would have done, only better.

You are an important voice in the music community; the writing is great to read, straight and to the point. And you let the music affect you emotionally, something I miss from other writers. Where else could I read about Blue Note and Helen Shapiro in one space. And the column about Dave Lambert, one of the unsung heroes of vocal jazz.... priceless.

Keep it up, my friend. Yours is a small oasis in a large desert that is very needed.

Denis Ouellet

Thank you Marc for one of my favorite blog.
Is it already four years ? Time sure flies ...

Chris Galuman

Your blog really stirs the senses. It has quality writing and interesting film clips. Today's column spells out your sincerity and perfectly shows me why I click here every morning. I wish you success for as long as you live. You have already improved the quality of MY life. - Thanks

Doug Zielke

While I once had over 20 Jazz blogs bookmarked on my computer, my daily visit to JazzWax has replaced most of them. Keep up the excellent work, Marc! (I might add, it's high time you and JazzWax won a major award for your efforts).

Dave James

Congratulations on your anniversary, Marc. I admire your principles. Not being beholden to anything or anyone creates the sort of editorial control and objectiveness that make for interesting and informative reading.

Here's to four and more.

Dick Cutler

Congratulations on 4 great years. I too stop here first each day and always find it a fine, inspiring read. Thank you.

Rab Hines

You set the standard for what a jazz blog can and should be.

Thanks for everything.

Jerri Carmo

Everyday I learn something new from JazzWax. Thank you for all of the excellent continuing education. And congratulations too!

Bruce Armstrong

Congratulations, Marc! Jazz Wax has been a daily "must read" ever since I discovered it a few years ago. I probably do not have the breadth of musical interests that you do--I'm primarily a "West Coast jazz" guy with some "hard bop" stirred in--but I always enjoy reading about musicians that I ordinarily would not come into contact with. Here's hoping for four more great years. To answer an earlier comment--that arrangement of "FOUR" for Maynard was done by the late, great Willie Maiden.


Even though I said to you at Facebook, also wanted to express my wishes in this "guestbook". Thank you Marc for your daily hard work dedicated to all of us!
My sincere and warm Happy Birthday from a frozen Uruguay. Héctor

John P. Cooper

Slaphappy Birthday, MM.

Keep on bloggin'!

From one ex-Goodyite to another


Two things especially stand out for me: Probing, thoroughly researched interviews. Very deft and fanciful descriptions. For example, Pepper Adams's "walrus bark" tone.

Rick M

Marc; most everything has been said here that can be but I applaud your attention to musical entities (like Maynard, Steely Dan, Wrecking Crew) not normally recognized by more traditional serious (read:stuffy) music critics. Maybe it's generational but you, my friend, are becoming the new standard!

When you did the MadMen Lobbies, the Brubeck house and the Bullitt ride-along pieces I was convinced we are of the same sub-species.

Appreciatively, Rick of St Michaels.

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