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February 18, 2012


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TV is complicated.

I haven't watched a regular series since Friends. Still, I regularly watch Netflix on various PC and Kindle devices, but usually not via the "TV."

On the other hand, our young daughter has Disney Channel and FoxFamily on perpetual TV background while she watches YouTube on her iPod etc.

Rab Hines

Thanks Marc - looking forward to the book, and hopefully you'll be doing some book-signings here in NY.

Steven C.

Excellent info mix, Marc. What is the book about?


A wide current use of TV you neglected is play-by-play sports, though I imagine that, too, will be eventually taken over by internet devices. I suspect the continuing interest in conventional and over-the-air TV for sports has more to do with widescreen HD because picture quality is especially important here. Already all the major professional sports have iDevice apps that have optional every game live packages, but these are not yet quite up to standard TV in picture quality. And as for news - I get my morning and evening CBC radio newscasts from the CBC iPad app when I want them.

And speaking of the CBC and the "apping" of content. The recently released CBC music app has a channel devoted exclusively to Canadian jazz. (There are also a Jazz Masters, Jazz Songbook (vocals), Smooth Jazz, and Radio 2 jazz channels.) Unfortunately, I think it only works in Canada. CBC has certainly been active in providing alternate types of access (www.cbc.ca/mobile/services for examples)


TV -- proof of Marc's point -- go to any TV station's website. Can you easily find the listings showing what's on TV that day? Try this on Channel 2 (WCBS) NYC. Even FoxNY (Channel 5) it's a tiny link in a faraway corner of the page. Some other stations are a little bit easier. What's the point of a BROADCAST entity having a website if their schedule is not front and center? Dinosaurs sinking into the tar-pit!


Marc - Re:TV Convergence. I agree with much of what you say on this subject, but are you aware that there is much happening on the Connected TV front.

Follow us - @jazzandbluestv and/or visit our website www.jazzandblues.tv to be kept abreast of our forthcoming launch and other developments.

Chris Galuman

Maybe more people should listen to the radio in their car rather than juggling 10 texts. Or as a long ago police series {on TV!) opened with - "and people - let's be careful out there."

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