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February 25, 2012


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Bill Forbes

Very interesting stuff, Marc, on the loss of music as a communal listening experience - something I think a lot about. I've always been solely a jazz listener, so my comments will relate to that music only. Back in my youth half a century ago we were in the jazz boom which ensured that there were always people of my age around who dug the music. Gradually these fell away and with them the shared listening experience. But in recent years, as you note, the internet has provided a new link-up, though this time on a global scale, rather than merely in one's city, as in the old days. However, I'm pleased to say that local gigs still go on and with them the socialising associated with the music.


The "Elvis" on the cover looks more like an elderly Rock Hudson to me ;) It's hilarious anyway.

John P. Cooper

Re Elvis-

Don't mess with the dead, boy. They have eerie powers.

Rab Hines

Thanks, Marc, for a nod to architecture, something you write well about but don't often feature here at Jazzwax. The link to Movies 'til Dawn is also much appreciated - it looks like a fine blog.

And the Teenie Harris article was excellent - his jazz-related connections are invaluable and his work is celebrated by no less a critic than Stanley Crouch.

Here's one Jazzwax fans might enjoy


"Gene Ammons, Leo Parker, John Jackson, Bill Frazier, and Dexter Gordon, Tommy Potter on bass, possibly Connie Wainwright on guitar, possibly John Malachi on piano, and Art Blakey's drums on right"

Been meaning to ask - what happened with the weekend Jazzwax mailing list?

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