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August 03, 2012


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Jeff Rzepiela

Congratulations! Your blog is one of my first stops every morning.

Michael Palmer

Well done Marc - keep them coming. You not just the man. You the jazz man!

David B

Thank you for all your dedication in producing this great site everyday, it is much appreciated by all of us readers

István Rozsa

Happy 5th Anniversary, Marc!

Have stopped by here very often, almost daily in the last years. What is most appreciated by all of us, I think, are the loads of valuable information on so many important jazz aspects: Interviews with historic, sometimes iconic figures, your personal liners and recommendations of reissues of old jazz treasures, or the brand new releases of upcoming artists.

Also your general remarks on the scene, the music business, or your interesting observations re: a bunch of topics beside music are highly praised on the jazz blogosphere.

Kudos to you from Hungary.

Mark Mairowitz

contratulations. best jazz site I've ever seen

Doug Zielke

The proliferation of blogs can boggle the mind, but Jazzwax is consistently entertaining, informative and professionally written. Happy Birthday!

Rab Hines

Consistently informative - even on subjects we thought we knew well - and well written. Checking out Jazzwax is a daily requisite.

Thanks again.


Happpy Birthday Marc,

I love this blog. Only wish I could keep up with you. As the previous commentators noted this site is entertaining, thought provoking, and a joy. It has also cost me money as you introduce me to cds that are new to me.

Thanks and keep it up.



I agree...the best jazz site of any kind! Keep up the great work, Marc.

Steve Barrow

I've certainly enjoyed reading this blog - so far...long may you continue, Marc.
I like particularly the interviews, and the focus on not-so-celebrated musicians and arrangers - Don Bagley below being a case in point, but there have been many others.
And many times this blog has had me searching on Amazon and E-bay for music that I've read about or been reminded of from you.

Thanks !!

Philip Hitchcock

Marc. Through a friend (Fred Augerman) I was introduced to your blog. Congratulations, keep it coming! Thanks for all the info, news, trivia et al.

With best wishes for many more years.

Phil Hitchcock

Marla Kleman

Congratulations, Marc. I can't imagine a world without jazzwax.com in it! Looking forward to your book, too.


Nick Moy

Congrats. Hope you take many more choruses.


Thanks Marc,

You da man!!

Read it every day.


rain sounds

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to JazzWax. Hope we will get more stuffs in the future and we all with you!

Rick M

Marc; JazzWax is not only distinctive for covering the music but your other interests as well. Congratulations on keeping it interesting! Head and shoulders above the rest.


Great stuff Marc, congrats - eager to read/hear what the next 5 years brings!

JOhn Cooper

No Jazz in the hospital where I was for food poisoning til today, but HB, JW!

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