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January 04, 2009


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Jeff Rzepiela

Two comments:

1). Miles made the "standing on his foot" comment about Eric Dolphy, not Freddie.

2). I have seen the notebook pages attributed to Steve Lacy. That would make sense as Monk was a big hero of Lacy's. It also would be unusual for Monk himself to write the list and then title it "Monk's Advice".

- Scooby

Michael Steinman

Dear Marc,

A plateful of insights, as always. I wonder if the "Monk" pages weren't written by a bassist who was in the group in 1960: they suggest exhortations to a member of the rhythm section, although having Lacy as the author makes sense, too. Is John Ore alive and in New York still? He might know or recognize his own handwriting. Happy 2009! Michael

Red Colm O'Sullivan

Your "reader" Ted Steiberg's comments on Freddie Hubbard are irrelevant (and, needless to say, every single word of it is way off the mark). Goddammit, our King is dead. (How can you "over-rate" magnificance? And "Journeyman"!!!!!!!!).

Red Colm O'Sullivan

Is this the bassoonist, perhaps, for whom the great genius Robert Farnon (the God to all arrangers) wrote a concerto?
And, also, don't forget the great recordings made by Illinois Jacquet on Basssoon, just wailing! ("The Blues, That's me" with Wynton Kelly and Buster Williams in 1969, on Prstige/OJC, has one tremendous bassoon cut, for example).
(Freddie Hubbard, "a journeyman" Ha!" I mean to say, Marc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Ian Carey

Everyone's entitled to his or her opinion, but (the fact that he was referring to Dolphy aside) Miles had a lot of lousy things to say about a lot of great musicians, and was by all accounts a pretty insecure guy who liked to say outrageous things sometimes to stir things up. Freddie was a titan in my book. Not perfect, but among the best ever at what he did.

Red Colm O'Sullivan

Curiously, I would say "perfect".

David Evans

One more bassoonist--
The great tenor player Frank Tiberi played bassoon on a Harold Danko record in the '70s--a ballad feature as I recall.

Len C.

That handwriting is definitely Steve Lacy's. I know for certain, since I have been friends with Steve since he was living in Rome and I still have some of his letters.

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